Parental Reading Aloud at BIBS

2BIBS encourages and celebrates the love of reading among its students through all our campuses. Bringing parent volunteers into the classroom to read aloud books to students is one magic wand that BIBS employs to turn reluctant readers into engaged ones. This is one of the many endeavors BIBS makes in the new school year to foster passionate lifelong readers. Some of these parent volunteers have the following experiences to share with fellow members of the BIBS community.

“Radish Detective” and the “Red Clay” reading club made their first visit to BIBS two years ago and gave the BIBS community tips on how to develop children’s reading habits and select the most appropriate books for children.

Following that lecture, they have provided over 40 training sessions to BIBS parents to encourage them to read for children at school. Starting from this year, they will also take active part in the training of BIBS Chinese teachers. I am a witness of how much efforts both our parents and the school put into promoting reading at BIBS. I am so grateful and proud of our teachers and parents. I trust that no children will be left behind at BIBS.”

– from the WeChat moment of Ms. Fang Liu, mother of Pearl(G5)

“We intend to help our student to develop a life-long reading habit and improve their reading of books in Chinese. We used to do our Chinese story read-aloud every Thursday after school but many students could not participate due to various reasons. We are so happy that Chinese read-aloud sessions now go into school classrooms. This year, we target G1, G3 and G5. We were warmly welcomed by teachers and students alike in every classroom we entered.

We also invited students to participated in reading-aloud at Class 5B. Every “story mother” read stories out loud full of energy and passion. The children listened attentively. They laughed and sighed as the stories developed and shared how they felt and reflected after each story-telling session. Both the parents and students enjoyed each and every minute of it. As parents, we felt so gratified to see the enthusiasm in our children. We sincerely hope that the read-aloud sessions would go into more classrooms and become an ongoing tradition so that our kids would develop a passion for Chinese reading that will benefit their lifelong development.”

-Ms. Jiang Wei, mother of Jiajia & Engine

1“As a mother of a G2 student, I coordinated the read-aloud session at Class 5C. G5 is a challenging grade to work on because these preteen kids are super smart and independent-thinking students. So I chose the fun classic “Les P’tites Poules et la Grande Casserole” by French writer Christian Jolibois. At the beginning, a class 5C students told me that I was really courageous enough to come to their class to read-aloud because none of the class 5C parents were.
I told them that I knew they were smart story-lovers so I wanted to share with them a brilliant story. I threaded my read-aloud with many interactive questions which successfully engaged all the students. It turned out to be a great success! People will ask if G5 students still need read-loud sessions in class as they are already independent readers. My observation is that they do! We bring and share good books with them to encourage their interests in books which would consequently reduce their reliance on electronic devices.”

– Mother of Jennifer (Class 2B)

“It is a new experience for me to go into the classrooms to read aloud for BIBS students. What I did in the classroom was different from my parental reading at home. I used a lot of facial expressions and hand gestures which blended well with the Chinese language and interactions from children. They together created a sense of beauty and rhythm. The magic of reading charmed us all.

Further to the reading aloud at school, I was asked by children to read a simple picture book over and over again in a dozen different tones and with varied facial expressions. It is a time when both the parent and children unlock the power of reading in ourselves. I also believe that children could get to know and exchange ideas with master Chinese and foreign writers of ancient and modern times through reading. Our kid could also get to understand themselves more and better through reading. Lovers of books will gather together and books will become their lifelong friends.”

-Grace, mother of Leo (Class 1D)

“It was my very first time to participate school events as a volunteer read-aloud storyteller in front of so many children. It was also my first time to discover that reading and listening to story reading-aloud is so much fun! Even if the book I read aloud was not new to many students. They still raised their hands high to answer my questions and to let me know that they were interested in listening to more of my stories. The students in Class 1B are not independent readers yet but I could see how attentive listeners they were during the read-aloud sessions.

I think we as parents should calm down and read along with our children from grade one onwards so that reading becomes a happy routine and daily necessity. If we keep building on that, a reading habit would surely build positive associations with books and helps children lay a stronger foundation for school and lifelong success. As a new member of the BIBS family, I am deeply touched by the support from our school, enthusiasm from our fellow parents and the purest smiles of our children. I look forward to involving myself in more BIBS events like this.”

– Mother of Jeremy (Class 1B)