PTA Library Volunteers – You are wanted!

31At BIBS, we believe that a child’s progress and development is best achieved within a community built upon a solid partnership between home and school. The dedication of our parents is the strong cornerstone for the partnership and makes BIBS an even greater place.

16 15 14The Shunyi Campus library volunteers are one of these wonderful parent groups who bring love, care and support to the BIBS Community. Have you ever notice those familiar faces that are either tidying up the messy bookshelves, reminding kids to speak softly in the library or busy inputting book information into the library management system? These are the lovely and dependable parent volunteers who worked behind-the-scenes to make the library a major attraction for BIBS students.

11Below are quotes from some of these wonderful parents explaining why they volunteer and how they immensely enjoy the experience:

“Initially, I just wanted to do something meaningful to give back to the school community. So I signed up when my BIBS asked for support.”
“It simply gives me a great sense of achievement to see the kids enjoying reading in a library that is neat and tidy because of our work.”
“When I helped out in the school library, I was so impressed by how vividly Ms. Rebecca Taylor, ES Librarian, reads books to the children. I went home afterwards and tried read the books to my children modeling Ms. Bec’s way. Now reading with my child is the best part of my parenting and family life.”
“My English has improved a lot through helping at the library.”
“I have volunteered for two years at the school library for about half day or one day per week. It has been a good opportunity to meet other parents and share ideas and thoughts about parenting and life.”
“(I am doing this so that) my kids can be proud of their mom’s positive contribution to the school community. We become great role models for the kids, if parents are willing to volunteer for a good cause with time and energy.”

9Currently, new books are pouring in at the library with new school purchases and donations by parents and children! We need more volunteers to get all the books, shelves and furniture organized. The existing library volunteers sincerely invite more parents to join them. For those who are willing to contribute but still don’t know how, please feel free to add wechat contact “xieyf0126” and text “your name + library volunteer” to join a group of caring and responsible parent friends. Your help is needed now!