BIBS Speaker Series:Getting to Know BSA and Its Summit Bechtel Reserve

26.picHave you ever wondered what kind of an organization the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is? What does a boy scout or a girl scout learn from his or her scouting activities and how does it contribute to their personal development? Why do Americans take so much pride in their childhood scouting experience? For Chinese parents who are not familiar with this organization, are asking will scouting activities help their child grow? If yes, what kind of summer program would best suit my child and where do we find more details? If you have any of the above-mentioned questions, please feel free to come and join Ms. Catherine Yan from Boy Scouts of America (BSA) China for an informal discussion to be held at BIBS Shunyi Campus on May 24, Tuesday, 2016.

21.pic_hd28.pic Speaker: Ms. Catherine Yan
                Vice President, Boy Scouts of America (BSA) China

Topic: Getting to Know BSA and Its Summit Bechtel Reserve

Date & Time: 9:00-11:00 am, May 24, Tuesday, 2016

Location: Shunyi 2F MS/HS Library

BIBS Shunyi Campus:
No.15 Liyuan Jie TianZhu County Shunyi District, Beijing, 100000
Tel: 86-10-6456-0618

22.picAbout the Speaker:


Catherine Yan – Vice President, Boy Scouts of America (BSA) China

Catherine has been keen to advance and drive the development of youth education in China. She officially introduces STEM licensed courses from the U.S. to China, benefiting both Chinese primary school and high school students who are eager to learn more about the best practices of international education.32.pic

11.picTo bridge the gap between the Sino-U.S. education systems, Catherine and her team pioneered the BSA International Ambassador Program, which provides opportunity for Chinese youth to participate, side by side with their American counterparts, and to learn to become a true Boy Scout in a traditional Boy Scout Summer Camp in the United States.36.pic35.pic