BIBS ES Sports Day: Fitness & Fun!

1The motion is the source of all lives. -Leonardo Da Vinci

One of the most fun and festive events of the school year is ES Sports Day, which took place at both UES and Shunyi on May 6th 2016 on a beautiful sunny day! The students from K-Grade 6 were divided into teams of Fire, Wind, Earth and Water and showed off their athleticism and sportsmanship during a full day and array of activities on the field.2

At the Shunyi campus, it’s only fitting that the Wind team won the event since the high winds were so prevalent today! At the UES campus, the Grade 5 students were taking a leadership role in running the Lower Elementary Sports Day. Each student knew their role and responsibility – scorers, supervisors, umpires, they made the morning run extremely smooth and the PE team cannot thank them enough for their maturity and diligence in running such a tight ship. Coordinating 300+ children under the age of 7 is not easy but the Grade 5s did so. Well done, Grade 5!

7 15Also a big thank to the PTAs for providing all the volunteer support and PE teachers Wicus and David for organizing such a wonderful and successful Sports Day at both Shunyi and UES campuses.

18“Sports Day is all about getting out, having a bit of fun and enjoying the magic that physical activity and sport can bring,” as PE teacher David Cooney believes. If you want to know who on earth won at the UES campus, David would tell you this: “‘Sport’ won on this day, because it did exactly what it was supposed to –it brought everyone together to have a few laughs and just be incredibly happy.”