BIBS Women Receive Special TCM & TCL Reward

untitled7Tuesday, March 8th marked this year’s International Women’s Day. Beanstalk International Bilingual School (BIBS) Shunyi Campus partnered with Beijing New Century Harmony Clinic and provided high quality medical services including free massages and Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) services for all female BIBS staff and PTA members—to show great appreciation for their many contributions to our school and community.

untitled2March is like a song with everything singing. With the warm south breeze, flowers of different colors are gradually blossoming. The spring wind delivers the warm sunshine, the warm sunshine sends off beautiful flowers and the beautiful flowers makes the lovely day – March 8, International Women’s Day!

untitled6In the morning at 10:00am, with the bright, warm sunshine, Clinic Manager, Shirley Liu and several doctors, nurse and physiotherapists arrived at BIBS Shunyi campus. They provided 20 minutes of professional physical therapy services free of charge to nearly ½ of our women staff members. In addition, Doctor Chen Yang, who graduated from the Capital Medical University and is a TCM specialist—working more than a decade in the field, was on hand to offer TCM inquiry and therapy sessions to our staff. (moxibustion is one form of acupuncture, traditional Chinese medical treatment. It is a heat treatment which uses burning moxa (mugwort herb) to warm regions and acupuncture points to facilitate treatment .)

1Many male staff expressed great interest in the Clinic’s TCM services as well. However, the therapists explained that it was only for female staff in honor of women’s day. In order not to disappoint the male staff, Manager Shirley told us that they have prepared health inquiry and physical therapy coupons for the entire BIBS community. All staff and parents can schedule appointments directly at the clinic, which is right next to the Shunyi campus and enjoy an hour physical therapy evaluation and treatment at a discounted price—just show your parent or staff ID badge.

untitled4untitled3The massages and TCM treatments finished at 3:30pm. All the staff members were quite happy and felt very pleased with this wonderful reward. Furthermore, Shirley prepared special gift bags for our female staff and PTA members, which includes a variety of coupons for free female health exam, physical therapy, as well as pediatric dental and ophthalmology services. Please email ( or stop by the marketing department (Rm 223) to receive the coupons. We are interested in partnering with other organizations on events and activities for our community, please contact Trish, if you have ideas or suggestions.

untitled1Hopefully, all of these efforts can bring a relaxed health care experience to BIBS Women, “Who Hold Up ½ the Sky.” Again, on this special occasion, BIBS would like to give our very best regards to all the BIBS ladies—Happy International Women’s Day!