Announcement to Shunyi Parents

March 5th, 2016



自2016年3月7日起,顺义校区校长John Cushing先生将调任昆明地区总校长一职,全面负责管理从幼儿园、小学和初高中的新校区。担任顺义校区校长期间,John Cushing先生在教育教学和团队建设方面做出了卓有成效的贡献。我们对此表示衷心的感谢!

同时,Nathan Pope先生将接任顺义校区校长。他拥有美国教育方向博士学位,熟悉美中文化、中英文流利,是一位著名的双语国际教育顾问和专家。曾先后担任旧金山国际学校校长、广州国际学校校长。他还担任国际文凭(IB)组织的顾问、认证员、培训师及研讨会领导者,对于IB理念以及如何办好IB学校有着丰富经验。

我们也欢迎Michael Chan先生成为青苗大家庭的重要成员。Michael先生出生于香港,成长于美国,曾在香港和中国大陆的多所国际学校担任高级职务,拥有超过28年的校长和学校管理经验,必将为青苗的发展做出重要贡献。



Dearest Beanstalk Parents:

As Beanstalk Education Group continues to grow, and with the opening of our new Kunming Campus, the school board wishes to announce a few structural changes to our Senior Leadership Team. These changes focus on our continual commitment to improve and to provide the highest quality education to our students. Therefore we are happy to announce the following changes that will become effective on 7th March, 2016.

Mr. John Cushing has been appointed Director of the Kunming Campus and as the Principal who will oversee the opening of our new K-12 school there. All of us within the Beanstalk family value and appreciate the many positive things John has accomplished as head of the Shunyi campus. John’s leadership was crucial in the increase of our student numbers and the many improvements in the curriculum and programs offered to our students. We are all very grateful to John.

Mr. Nathan Pope will join the Beanstalk family acting as the head of Shunyi Campus. As a well-known consultant and expert in bilingual and international education, who has a doctor degree in Education, Nathan used to be principals in international schools in San Francisco, USA and Guangzhou, China. Nathan is bilingual and bicultural being fluent in both English and Chinese. Nathan also works for the International Baccalaureate, as a consultant, accreditation visitor and workshop leader, from where he accumulated sufficient experience in IB education and how to build IB schools.

Mr. Michael Chan also joins the Beanstalk family assuming the position of principal overseeing various departments within our organization. With more than 28 years experience in various capacities as principal, administrator, and school director in education area, he will be a valuable asset to our organization. Mr. Chan was born in HK and grew up in the U.S. since young, and has worked at many schools in Hong Kong and China since 1990.

We feel very confident that these appointments will make a very strong team working with one goal, to provide the best International bilingual education to all of our students.

Thank you for your trust and confidence in us.

With warm regards,


Kathy Shi


Founder & Chairperson


Beanstalk International Bilingual School


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