Start From Here: BIBS DongRun Campus Curriculum Development

Based on the initiative of BIBS’ Founder Kathy Shi, the Beanstalk Education Group’s new Dongrun Campus provides a bilingual K-6 curriculum with a 70% concentration on Chinese language and 30% English. What’s more, the campus boasts an elite leadership team and a group of qualified foreign and Chinese teachers with rich teaching experience.


chart lily dong Terry Qian



Drawing upon the best from classical and modern education, curriculum at the BIBS Dongrun Campus infuses Eastern and Western cultures, applying an international approach to the Chinese National Curriculum and classical Chinese culture. The unique curriculum contains three basic elements. At the core is the Chinese National Curriculum, part of a nine-year obligatory education in China, including Moral Education, Chinese Language, Mathematics, English, Music, Arts and PE. Next, the Dongrun program applies international inquiry-based methodologies that provide students with more opportunities to engage global history and society, modern science, technology and world arts, thus developing social and communication skills. The third element consists of optional literacy courses related to traditional Chinese culture, featuring classic poetry, Kunqu opera, calligraphy, Chinese painting, seal cutting, Chinese chess, meditation, martial arts, traditional Chinese medicine and more.





BIBS Dongrun Campus seeks to empower its learners to become bilingual, multi-cultural, globally-minded citizens who are equipped with the knowledge and integrity to function successfully, responsibly and effective in an ever-evolving global environment, as well as meeting most of the Chinese public middle school admission requirements. Thus, the program offers Chinese families, parents and students flexibility in their educational futures. Upon graduation from Dongrun campus,
students can continue in one of the BIBS IB programmes or return to Chinese public school.
DSC00277-s DSC00288-sContinuing the numerous accomplishments in the 22 year history of the Beanstalk Education Group, we strive to continue developing student-oriented education in an open and inclusive bilingual environment fusing the essence of East and West.