IB Learner Profile Exploration Series – Session 7: Balanced

BIBS’ IB Learner Profile attribute for March was “Balanced”: we understand the importance of balancing different aspects of our lives (intellectual, physical, and emotional) to achieve well-being for ourselves and others.”

In March and then again in early April, students and staff from BIBS Upper East Side campus presented their annual spring show, this year entitled “Wonderland.” Over several months of practice and rehearsal, the 600 member team balanced academic studies and the requirements of the performance, resulting in an amazing production for the delight of the BIBS Community. In line with the IB Learner Profile, the completion of “Wonderland” demonstrated BIBS’ belief that a complete education and a complete lifestyle requires students to balance academics with art, physical activity and personal and social wellness.

IB Learner Profile Exploration Seventh Session: Balanced

How do we define “Balanced”?

Being “balanced is to give equal weight to all aspects of our lives. For adults it means something a bit different than students. For an adult it is managing work, family, hobbies, interests leisure time exercise and so on. Balance for adults is finding time for yourself and your community and although not giving equal weighting but feeling like you give importance to having a multi-dimensional life.” BIBS MYP coordinator Mr. Terry Linton explains.

“For a student the idea of balanced is managing your scholastic life, with outside interested such as friends, music, sports, family, and so on. We encourage students to be academically inclined, however we also want them to be involved in After School Activities. We have a broad range of clubs and sports to choose from. We hope that students can choose a club and a sport. As well, students must engage in a service project and this helps them learn about balance. Balance is important to a student’s life, as it gives them an opportunity to develop the habits that they will carry into adulthood.”


Being “balanced” at BIBS

During the last assembly each month, IB Learner Profile awards are announced. For the month of March, students awarded for balanced were: Linda S. in Grade 7 and David X. in Grade 9. Ms. Sivia Venegas leads the program and notes: “Balanced students have demonstrated [being] balanced in every aspect. Linda S. is very involved in school academics and extra curricular activities. Linda continually strives to do well academically but also tries new sports and makes sure she balances her time appropriately across all areas she has interest in. David X. also has demonstrated being balanced in his academics, sports and artistic nature. He balances his time wisely for his school work, his football, and his music. He has continually offered to play piano during school events and still has time to play football and do well in his studies.”


So at BIBS, what will our teachers do to teach, or encourage our students to become “balanced”? “We don’t so much teach them how to be balanced but instead encourage them to be balanced. We show them balance in our own lives by managing work and play. We model this by having staff vs. student games to show that teachers and staff are involved in sports. We show them balance by showcasing our talents in our After School Activities. We show them balance by helping them with their community projects and service projects. ”



An ancient Chinese scholar, in referring to driving a six-rein, 4-horse carriage once said: “only with balance in the heart can one master the six reins in hand.” To be balanced, we need not only to balance the different aspects of our lives, but more importantly we need a balanced mind to respond to the rapidly changing world. An IB education is committed to nurture students to understand the need for balance and to recognize our interdependence with people and with the world in which we live. Though students have different interests, they effectively manage their time for study, work and play and have a balanced mind to adapt appropriately to changes in the future.