BIBS Reaches Telesur

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Click the above image to view the full coverage of BIBS on Telesur. The content is translated by Enrique Eddy as followed.

For several years a Group of top international schools in China has been forming Chinese, Latin American, African and European students from a very early age giving them the tools to become conscious citizens of today’s world who can achieve success in an efficient, responsible and mature way.

This is one of the top International Bilingual School’s in Beijing, here it does not matter from which culture or country students come from, as this school creates multicultural globally minded citizens fully capable of functioning in todays and tomorrows society.

Student Alexis said that he has a very deep feeling for Beanstalk as here all students help each other as a big family with the support of teachers. In this school three of the most important languages in the world are taught Chinese, English and Spanish.

Student Enrique explained in fluent Mandarin that he has been studying at Beanstalk for six years and is very happy to learn from the professional and dedicated faculty at this school.

Students socializing and collaborating together brings valuable new and different concepts such as the solidarity and principles explored among teachers and students, which is truly appreciated by the parents.

Mr. Eddy the Beanstalk Public Relations Manager indicated that Beanstalk offers a perfect combination of East and West education in which students from so many nationalities including of course China come together benefiting from all the opportunities that a global multicultural school offers.