BIBS Reaches Latin America

Ecuador visit

Beijing 4 March (PL) Ecuadorian students donated books from their country to Beanstalk International Bilingual School (BIBS) during an official act in which Ecuador’s Ambassador Jose Maria Borja also donated books to the library of this school.

The standing members of the Board of the school who thank the students and the Ecuadorian Government for the donation welcoming the Ambassador led the ceremony in Shunyi campus, which is one of the eight campuses Beanstalk has in China.

After a tour on this campus that has a unique quality for being the only school teaching Spanish language the Diplomat from Ecuador offered a press conference about his country as well as the numerous projects with China.

Students Paula and Hector Villagran donated to this campus located in the Shunyi area of Beijing books in Spanish from the Ecuadorian authors Eloy Alfaro, Eugenio Espejo, Juan Montalvo and others.

The students also gave several copies from the book of President Rafael correa that was translated into Chinese entitled from banana Republic to the no to the Republic, a book that the president presented during his last official visit to this capital city last January.

Beanstalk schools are the result of a project started two decades ago from a small kindergarten to what it is today, eight campuses including one in Hainan with over 1,600 students from 35 different nationalities over the years.

This schools offers from pre-school, Kindergarten to grade 12, a multicultural program that focus on the preparation and formation of responsible citizens of the world who empower the knowledge and integrity to successfully function in society always with responsibility and efficiency in an atmosphere of complete growth.

Their curriculum includes plastic arts. Music, dance, Chinese as well as multi cultures apart from the regular and mandatory subjects according to each grade.

Special thanks go to Enrique Eddy, BIBS Public Relations Manager, who translated the whole text into English word by word.