Little Oak Parents Visit BIBS

weChat-UES-little oakOn Friday, November 28, 51 parents and kids from Little Oak kindergarten were invited to visit BIBS UES campus, in a visit arranged by Little Oak alumni at BIBS.

Little Oak is famous for its community spirit; many parents participate actively in the community and it is all like a big harmonious family. Every week, just like a magnet, it attracts both families that have kids currently enrolled and families that graduated long ago to come back to their second home.


Since BIBS is building a community school and Little Oak is a great example of one, the school cordially welcomed the visit by the Little Oak parents and kids, preparing thouroughly. It was an “all out” welcome, commented Terry Qian, BIBS Associate Director. BIBS Director John McBryde stood at the front gate in the early morning to greet parents and kids. BIBS SLT made a detailed presentation of the school and gave the parents guided tours. For their part, BIBS SLT were impressed by how warm and receptive the Little Oak parents were to the school and to their information.


BIBS made a good impression on the Little Oak parents too:
” We had great impression on the school. We were touched by the passion, energy and sense of duty from the kids and teachers/staff. “

“We could sense the fresh atmosphere at the BIBS and the accurate positioning. Our impression on the SLT: willing to and excel at communicating, open, vibrant, have ideals and very clear mission.”

“We feel like we are at Little Oak!”


Many THANKS to 1C Anthony’s mum Lily, 1G Zoe’s mum Lucinda, 2C Eva’s mum Lin and 1F Furno’s mum Ellen. They spent more than a month organizing this visit, we are so proud to have parents like them. They represent the true Little Oak spirit! We also hope more Little Oak families will join BIBS, together with the many warmhearted parents and staff at BIBS, we will build BIBS into a bigger Little Oak, a family filled with Love, Care and Support!