BIBS Speaker Series: Qi Dahui

On Thursday, November 20, Professor Qi Dahui, researcher at the Peking University Research and Development Center of Culture and Director of the Peking University Family culture and Parent Education Institute, continued the BIBS Speaker Series as he delivered a brilliant presentation to about 50 parents, faculty and staff at BIBS Shunyi campus. Professor Qi’s presentation, Home and School Partnerships in International School World, centered on the conversion development of parents’ roles in modern education, and was delivered with his characteristic wisdom and humor, winning him enthusiastic applause.


By reviewing some of the issues that Chinese parents face, Professor Qi proposed signing ‘Family Agreements’ as a practical resolution strategy. He held that, rather than supervising and restraining, it is time for the Chinese parents to change their dated perceptions and give children the opportunity to control their own lives. He further emphasized the significance of community service and highlighted the importance of fostering the development of globally-minded citizens.


The audience benefited immensely from the talk. Ms. Song, a Grade 2 parent, expected more speakers like Professor Qi will talk to parents in the future. ‘I’m quite inspired by the idea of agreements. I can’t wait to sign ours’ she said. Ms. Zhao, a Grade 1 parent, discussed with Professor Qi how the school should perform a delicate balancing act between parents and kids when resolving conflicts. She  hoped that the school can be included as a party in such agreements.


At the end of his presentation, Professor Qi announced that more academic researches are being supported by the Chinese government on parent education in international school environments, and that BIBS has been chosen as a research point. Terry Qian, BIBS’ Associate Director, who presented Professor Qi with a signed wall graphic of Meng Zi as a symbol of thanks on behalf of the school, added the opportunity to continue a partnership with Professor Qi “Who shares the same ideas, we will work together to prepare our students to be globally-minded citizens. ”