BIBS Speaker Series: Radish Detective

Radish Detective - 萝卜探长

Radish Detective – 萝卜探长

Today the BIBS Upper East Side Parent Teacher Association (UES PTA) invited a famous guest speaker known as the “Radish Detective” to speak to parents in our first BIBS Speaker Series event. Founder of the online “Red Clay” reading club, the detective gave a presentation on how to support improved children’s reading habits and gave tips on how to best select children’s books.

More than 110 parents and several Chinese teachers attended the presentation with parents giving positive feedback. This was the first big event organized by the BIBS Upper East Side PTA, and it was well supported by the school! The PTA will continue to work closely with the school to organize more such events in the near future.

Life in the BIBS Community is definitely becoming more colorful all the time!