BIBS Shunyi Campus is Now Open!

A Bilingual International School with a Community Feel: On Monday, August 25, BIBS opened the doors at its fantastic new Shunyi K-12 campus. Beautiful blue skies and sunshine greeted students, parents, staffs and friends who were treated to campus tours, a wushu performance & lion dance, speeches, ribbon cutting and catered lunch – all of which came together to make a perfect opening.

Ribbon Cutting on Opening DayRibbon Cutting on Opening Day

Ribbon Cutting on Opening Day

The new campus is located at No. 15 Liyuan Street, Tianzhu County, Shunyi District Beijing 101312 (北京市顺义区天竺镇丽苑街15号) and marks a significant milestone in the development of Beanstalk Education Group. Under the direction of Director John McBryde, an educator with 25 years of experience as Director/Head of School in five international schools in Asia, including 9 years as Director of the Western Academy of Beijing, and with the support of Founder Kathy Shi, BIBS is looking forward to an increasingly bright future.

Greeting students and families on Opening Day

Greeting students and families on Opening Day

From day one (and even before the official opening when BIBS Alumna Emily Nambabi visited), teachers, staff and students found the new campus inviting and warm. New and old members of the BIBS Community gathered to chat and laugh in common areas that feature bright colors, culturally engaging design elements, flowers and comfortable seating. Indeed, one sees that every aspect of the day to day experience at the new campus has been considered, with elements intentionally chosen to be visually appealing, culturally engaging and yet also practical. Floor to ceiling graphics in the classrooms celebrate Chinese culture through its virtues, history and writing while adding color and encouraging students to become even more engaged. Everyone in the BIBS Community is excited for this new campus and looking ever more excitedly to a bright future!