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222 CB viewpoints:Confirming BIBS’ focus on learning - [Editor’s Note] April has been another busy month for BIBS. Last week, we hosted two WASC visitors at both BIBS UES and Shunyi campuses. In addition, we will have two members of the IB verification team at UES on April 28-29. You may ask, “What benefits does seeking accreditation from bodies such as WASC and […]

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Dragon Boat Festival Holiday 端午节假期
Jun 9 all-day

Dragon Boat Festival Holiday 端午节假期​

Last Day of School (Half Day)(半天)
Jun 17 all-day

Last Day of School (Half Day)(半天)​

Semester two reports
Jun 17 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am
BIBS Summer Program 2016 青苗夏季活动
Jun 20 – Jun 24 all-day

BIBS Summer Program 2016 青苗夏季活动​

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